Epical Business Acumen consists of:

  • Business Success
  • Profitability
  • Increasing Profit
  • Software
  • Key to Success

What is the Key indicator of Business Success?

Business Profitability
or How much is the business is making.

How is Profitability calculated?

Total Sales                           5,000
Less Product Costs              -300
Less Wages                        -1,200
Less Other Costs                -2,500

Profit                    $1,000

How to Increase Profit.

  • Becoming more Productive​
Getting more done simultaneously.
  • Increasing Sales
  • Decrease Wages and Other Costs
The first 2 items are very closely linked to a Software system.

How can Software assist with Productivity?

  • Efficient Appointment Book
  • Online Booking
Take bookings 24 / 7
Clients can rebook, confirm and reschedule
Accessible from Website and social media
  • Automatic Reminders / confirmations
  • Client details and records
  • Stock Control
  • Point Of Sale with bar coding
  • Client booking emails with meeting request.

How can Software assist with Sales Increase?

  • Client Rebooking
  • Track and managing non-returning Clients
  • Salon Sales tracking
  • Staff Sales tracking

Types of Software systems:

  • Cloud Based
  • App on the computer
  • Hybrid – combination of Cloud and App.

Benefits of a Cloud System:

  • Accessible from anywhere and any device
  • 24 / 7 access
  • Used by multiple logons at the same time
  • Easier access with fibre connectivity.
  • No Need to do any backups
  • If PC fails – access through mobile devices.

Now for something Simple but very important !!

Have we been conditioned to believe that True Happiness is the product of Success with?

  • Business
  • Financial
  • Wealth
  • Fame

Have we got the Cart before the Horse ??

Happiness is Key, is it ultimate Success?

  • It is Beauty from within
  • It shines and is infectious
  • People are attracted to Happiness
  • No more seeking.
  • Positivity is Happiness Shadow
  • Makes every moment enjoyable
Choose Happiness Now and everything follows easily.
Happiness Symbol

Happiness Symbol